How to Plan a Wedding in Italy on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips

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One of the primary inquiries that arise in brides and grooms is the expenses to get married in Italy. The facts confirm that getting married in Italy is a unique encounter, which is the reason relationships for the most part seen as are being testing undertakings, even monetarily. That isn’t generally the circumstance.

In spite of the way that it might at first appear to be more costly, working with an expert wedding organizer can assist you with getting the best exhortation, sorting out some way to set aside the most cash, and planning a wonderful Italian wedding without going over the spending plan. Here are a few tips for how to plan a wedding in Italy on a budget.

Locations Near Wedding Sites

Locations near wedding sites

The first wedding’s money-saving advice in Italy is to select “local wedding halls and locations” close to the major art cities. For instance, the wedding venue in Siena costs €800 to rent for a wedding. It will cost €300 if you select a different wedding venue less than 10 minutes outside of Siena! You can still get married in Siena and get photos taken, etc., for approximately a third of the cost! Similar prices apply to Rome’s outskirts, such as Bracciano or Tivoli: Rome wedding halls cost €1400, while Bracciano Lake wedding halls cost €350 to rent.

Beware Of High Season

Beware of high season

Find out when the area is busiest during the summer and avoid it! In addition to ensuring privacy at your wedding, especially in popular areas like Sorrento, getting married off-peak will also save you a ton of money on travel costs, lodging, venues, etc. For the same reasons, avoid Bank Holiday weekends as well.



For Europeans, pick a location near “low-cost” airline airports so that guests can travel there conveniently and affordably. Choose a location near the main airports for non-Europeans. Your time and travel expenses to get there will be reduced.

Get Married On A Weekday

Get married on a weekday

The best time to get married in Italy is during weekday business hours and on a weekday. The majority of Italian wedding venues provide discounts on weekdays and during regular business hours.

Local Culture

Local culture

Accept the local wedding tradition! Learn about the local wedding customs and make an effort to include them in your wedding. Using regional wedding supplies will save you money because they are already widely accessible and less expensive for Italian brides. The wedding cake is one such illustration. Italian wedding cakes are complimentary because they are part of every wedding menu! While the icing/decorated cake that Italians refer to as “American cake” costs an average of €400 for as few as 40 guests!

Follow A Wedding Planner

Follow a wedding planner

Avoiding direct bookings for venues and services is one of the best wedding money-saving strategies in Italy! Employ a local, experienced wedding planner, such as Just Get Married! Did you know that a reputable wedding planner offers discounted rates to their consumers directly? For all the savings—materially and psychologically as well as in terms of time and labor—the amount they ask is a relatively small price to pay. By relieving you of the stress and pressure of wedding planning, a wedding planner will free you up to concentrate on the fun parts, like wedding dress shopping.  A wedding planner is knowledgeable about and only works with the top vendors in your preferred location.



Instead of selecting a package with prints or albums, hire a photographer and request all of the photographs in professional high resolution on a CD. You’ll save money on pricey delivery costs as well as printing and album fees from the photographer! Then, using photo editing software or at your neighborhood photographer, you may print whatever image you want and do whatever you want with it.

Luxury Hotels

Luxury Hotels

For the wedding night, leave the luxurious hotel! Instead, choose opulent private suites for your stay. They’ll not only provide you with more money in your pocket and plenty of privacy, but they’ll also let you temporarily live like a Roman, Florentine, or Venetian!

Place Of Ceremony

Place of ceremony

Instead of having a separate “indoor wedding” and “outdoor blessing ceremony” at the villa, find a site that allows outdoor weddings (Just Get Married In Italy may provide a large list to choose from in most Italian wedding locations). You will save more than €1000 if you have either one or the other.

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Finally, how to plan a wedding in Italy on a budget?  In our opinion, a luxury wedding doesn’t necessarily entail lavish expenditure, expensive venues in hip locations, and a sizable guest list. Sometimes it simply means to be able to express yourself and celebrate with the people who make you feel loved, possibly in a more basic setting but in an environment that represents your tastes and personality. You may organize a wedding in Italy on a budget by using our advice.


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Italy’s natural beauty, history, and architecture make it the ideal spot for a fantasy wedding and a dreamy honeymoon.

What Is The Regular Cost Of A Wedding In Italy?

According to the choices of the couple, the typical expense of a wedding in Italy goes from 15,000 to 75,000-80,000 euros.

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